We would love to assist you with a few guidelines to breach the 700 mark!

1-Invest a large part of your practice on advance questions using a timer. Timing your attempts at this stage is highly essential.

2-Make sure that if you have to take a guess or invest more time on a question, then apply a strategy of distributed guess work to reduce the probability of errors in a row.

3-You must close all the open ends at this stage now. Fill the voids in your knowledge, and strengthen your skills. Ensure that the strong areas are strengthened further. Practice concepts through questions, navigating through all topics with nothing left undone.

4- Learn and master those areas too which you are not comfortable with.
As you strengthen your understanding of a topic and increase/strengthen your skill in answering questions of an uncomfortable area, you increase your odds of hitting your target score.

5-Analyze all the errors committed and focus enough to train yourself to NOT commit the errors/types again. You can go through the link on error categories(broad division) here.
https://gmatclub.com/forum/need-to-impr ... l#p2801463

6- Revise through advanced questions of the week's work on at least one day of the week. Plan your preparation and stay organised throughout.

GMAT is a game of testing how many right answers you can get in the time allotted.
So improve on your accuracy and learn handling the time pressures effectively.
Small but concrete and consistent steps start a rock solid and defined journey.
 So, take steps, be consistent, practice daily and come out with flying colors!