Pls find the broad guidelines mentioned here:

(1)We suggest plan the 4 modules of Quant concepts for 4 weeks and ensure that the concept is understood and internalized through the application videos and relevant OG questions of the topics being learnt. "Analyze" the errors and ensure NOT TO REPEAT THEM.

(2)Pls practice and think on reaching the solutions instead of watching the answer through the video directly. To train your thinking and mental processing of data(sometimes through lengthy word problems) is non-negotiable!

(3)After the 4 weeks are over, we would suggest you to take mock tests and expose yourself to variety of problems. Pls also ensure that you "analyze" the mock test(s).

(4)Ensure a mix of practice problems everyday (at least 25-30) from Quants(DS+PS) at levels of 650-700+ after the first 4 weeks.

(5)Reach out to us for any query that you may so face during your prep, irrespective of how insignificant you may feel it to be.