Concept: The question tests the ability to solve Word Problems


Alexa got 40 votes, and therefore the remaining 4 received 60 votes.

Given that each candidate got at least 1 vote, and we have to find the greatest number of votes received by Charlie (who came in 3rd), and that the number of votes received is a distinct value.

Assume Dan and Ernie got 2 and 1 vote each. We need to get the least possible votes for Bill to maximize the votes for Charlie and that Bills votes is greater than that of Charlie

Remaining votes after deducting Alexa, Dan and Ernie's Votes = 100 - 40 - 2 - 1 = 57

Dividing by 2, we get 28.5. So Bill gets 29 votes and Charlie gets 57 - 29 = 28 votes.

Option C