Concept: The question tests on the area of Probability



t = k1 * p

p = k2 * c

If t = 150, then what is c.

Integrating the 2 statements above, we get t = k1 * k2 * c

Where k1 and k2 are constants of proportionality

If we get the values of k1 and k2, we can find the value of c.

Statement 1:t = 300 whenever p = 900

From this, we can get the value of k1, but not of k2.
Answer options could be B, C or E
 Therefore Statement 1 Alone is


Statement 2: p = 300 whenever c = 8

With this we can get k2, but not the value of k1

 Answer Options could be C or E.

Therefore Statement 2 Alone is


Combining Both Statements:

t = 300 whenever p = 900 and

p = 300 whenever c = 8

With these 2 statements we can get the value of k1 and k2 and hence the value of c.

Therefore Both Statements together are Sufficient.

Option C