(i)At the outset,  the basics and fundamentals are to be crystal clear. That implies, you need not go back to the concept videos for the topics that you have completed. This also means that you need have the notes or the relevant formulas at hand. The chapters that you haven't completed can be sorted in an ascending order of your strength in those chapters and a schedule must be designed ASAP to complete the pending chapters .


(ii)The time to allot for studying should be increased in a phased manner and should come down to at least three or four hours a day of effective quality study daily.

We suggest you to complete all the concept videos at the earliest, have their notes ready for your revision and practice the concepts through the questions associated specifically with those concepts.


(iii)We strongly suggest you to start scheduling your mock test and giving them under the schedule. Try not to skip them, analyse them, figure out your faults and work up on them so that they are not repeated. 


(iv)We suggest you to complete the OG and once again analyse the places where you have made an error

Quality over quantity is always the rule and hence we advise you to give enough time of two to three minutes or maybe even four if necessary to think and arrive at solutions to the questions. 

When you start solving them yourself, you would never forget the process and train your brain to encounter any such question in near future with ease. 

Hence the bottom line we suggest is to solve without going back to solutions each time you're unable to find a solution. Think enough and try to arrive at a method.

Let your thinking open up!


(v)Finally we suggest you to revise , revise and revise a lot. 

Keep at least one day in a week to revise the lot that you've completed throughout the week and this way you will always be brushed up with concepts, their application and will also have a good analysis of official GMAT questions. Also, make it a habit to solve a few GMAT club questions everyday 


(vi)When you start solving questions yourself, arrive at answers, do the thinking you will find yourself motivated with every single question that you get correct or are able to solve by thinking in some way or the other. It is always action that will create the motivation and once you start learning this you'll be able to do more in less time.


(vii)We suggest you to come up with a schedule of your plan according to your available “effective” study time hour and the way you intend to proceed with it. 

You may share it with us; we can fine tune the same so that it is full proof.


                                 A SUMMARY OF THE ABOVE MENTIONS 



(a)Start completing your course at the earliest. Start “effective” studying daily,and increase your “effective” study time at the earliest.


(b)Understand the concept and build up on the understanding by practicing question(s) from it. 


(c) Taking mock test in preparing through them is non-negotiable


(d)Use GMAT Club questions daily to enhance practice 


(e) Think and arrive at the solution “yourself “ 


(f)Analyze the errors from OG and make sure you would NOT repeat them when you 

encounter such “type” of questions again 


(g) Have a schedule ready and if necessary, you may share the same with us so we can fine-tune it, if need be. 


(h)Revision once in 7 days cannot be skipped to full-proof your Prep. 


(i) A healthy, positive attitude while you prepare. 


(j)Reach out to us irrespective of how small  or insignificant you feel a query to be. 



Further summarizing this :


Clarity on Basics + Questions from the course videos +OG Analysis + GMAT club daily questions +   Mock Tests + Revision 


will give a complete preparation and make you exam ready.     

Negotiating with any of these pillars will keep the loop open. 



We hope you have understood the raw necessities for a full proof GMAT prep with this document. 

However, there always lies a scope of improvement. 

Feel free to reach out to us. 

We cannot wait to see you taking admission in your dream B-School!!