We need to focus on improving the following:-

(1)Improvement in the ability to be able to apply concepts understood flawlessly

(2)Ability to quickly map out a mental algorithm to reach the correct option

(3)Increasing accuracy in the questions of 700 and above to ensure the score that you are targeting.

(4)Ensuring that the 700 and above questions are handled in due time of 2min with a maximum permitted stretch of 30 sec.

The following pointers may be used as broad guidelines while you focus on improving the score:


(i)A quick revisit of Basic concepts and their usage through 650+ questions as you revise each one of them can help you in firming your knowledge base

(ii)Focusing on the advanced questions and attending to at least 10 of them in a day under the timer’s self-created pressure.

(iii)Short cuts vary with questions and sometimes our ability to use options judiciously can help us glide through. Hence, you should try to strengthen this ability of plugging in values and using options extensively wherever it is possible. 

This you can do by trying to think of using the given options to reach the answer as your “first instinct”(25-30 sec of trial) everytime you encounter a question. 

Post this try mentally mapping out an answer route that doesn’t use options and try to reach an answer

In a nutshell, make using options/plugging in values your first instinct/approach (keeping the time for this under 30 sec).

(iv)Revise your week study in a weekend certainly with 650-700+ questions as your guide to ensure that what you have learnt in the week is well intact in the mind.

(v)For DS & SC, you have to practice and practice more to be able to anticipate the traps even before they arrive. Your “awareness” to the multiple possibilities in a question is the key. Work on improving that by solving questions regularly from the areas of DS & SC.

(vi)Have a schedule ready and stick to it!

(vii)Try not to miss your daily practice of questions.

 (viii)Most importantly, do not watch solutions immediately, if you cannot arrive at an answer. Give yourself the time to “think” and develop your thinking and strengthening mental mapping to reach the answer. The more you exercise your thinking, the better your chances would grow to improve your score.

(ix)Complete the OG and analyse your mistakes.

(x)Take mock tests, Quizzes and make sure you analyse the mistakes well to not repeat them again.


We hope these pointers help you in chalking out your personal strategy. We are always there to assist you.