Pls note the following observations:

(1)There needs to be a balance between time and accuracy. One cannot be sacrificed for the other. 
Going by the count of correct answers, your accuracy needs to better and we would want you to introspect on the following:-

(a) As a first step, ask yourself- Have I "understood" the basic concepts through application or i only "know"? 
There is a huge gap between knowledge and application and we have to bridge that gap asap. 
You need to exercise and develop  your thought algorithm  by solving more questions. 
We suggest start with the og and make sure you analyze the errors that you have made.

(b) DS questions are a wonderful test of knowledge, application and your overall reasoning and focus skills. Use them as a "tool" to exercise and develop thinking. Integrate your prep with both PS and DS questions. Do not treat DS as a separate area but rather as a potent "equipment" to help you analyze better.

(2) In the Questions numbered 5,6,7,8  you have taken over 200 sec in each and we also observe your time taken in the last 5 questions to be around 20 seconds. It clearly shows that you have guessed in a row. In GMAT if you guess in a row and get incorrect answers in a row, your score shall  be heavily penalized. We suggest, that in questions where you have crossed 100 sec, you may take an intelligent " best fit" guess based on the 100 sec of your work and save the time to use on other questions. In other words, if guess work has to be done then the same should be done intelligently using elimination techniques, analysis and in a "distributed" format across the paper.
We suggest you practice through timed attempts always and update your skills on this aspect.

(3)We are not aware of which area you have taken the test and that can matter when it comes to time and accuracy as well. Some areas like inequalities, absolute values, Number properties demand relatively more  focused and smart approach with traps set all around in the questions. Hence analyzing the topic and your control on the topic is imperative for an overall observation/analysis.

Having said this, we know that once students start prepping as they build on through concepts, short cuts and timed attempts, they develop in the process and reach a score they envision through diligent and consistent effort in the right direction.
You have reached out with your score very early to us and we suggest you to take up another test from a topic after you have mastered a topic and feel confident of it.
    Pls ensure that you have :
   -Completed at least 20 PS and 15 DS from that topic(og and application questions)
   -You have  "understood" and "internalized" the concepts before the test
   -You have timed the attempts during the practice
   -You have  given enough "thinking time" to the wrong questions during the practice before you               checked the solution.
   - You have revised the topic before taking the test.

We also suggest you to analyze the wrong questions for this test and ensure that the errors wont be repeated even if the question appears in some other format.
Having guided you here, we look ahead for a better score next time.

Wishing you the very best!

CrackVerbal Prep Team