Doubt- I see I think 6 different question types in RC and 8-10 in CR. I have felt that knowing the question type in CR is really helpful as it helps plan my approach forward but it isn't as helpful in case of RC. Am I doing something wrong or do you guys feel the same?


Unlike CR, RC has many questions based on a single passage. Hence the approach taken to solve these questions should also be different. 

As we can only solve one RC question at a time without knowing what the next question is on the GMAT, we cannot approach the passage based on the first question that we see on screen. 

It is ideal that we read or skim through the passage to understand the overall gist of the passage (topic, tone- main idea). This will help you frame the structure of the passage and help you answer big picture questions such as main idea, primary purpose, and so on. 

While you map the passage, you should be aware of what detail is discussed in what part of the passage so that you can revisit those areas to answer a specific detail question. This will help you save time as well.