Concept: The question tests on the application of Absolute value in a DS format


Statement 1: |x - 5| = |x - 13|

If both LHS and RHS are positive or both negative, we cannot get a value for x

If LHS is +ve and RHS -ve, we get x - 5 = -(x - 13). Solving we get x = 4

If LHS is -ve and the RHS +ve then we have -(x - 5) = x - 13. Solving we get x = 4

 We have a definite answer that x is > 3.

Answer options could be A or D

Therefore Statement 1 Alone is Sufficient.

Statement 2: x2+10x−35>10(x−1)



Since x is a positive integer, we again get a definite answer that x > 3

Therefore Statement 2 Alone is Sufficient.

Option D