We understand how it feels when we are disappointed after a performance that includes a dedicated prep, investment of time and money.

However, it is imperative that we go through the mistakes and then work upon them for attaining our target score.

To have a different and better result at this attempt, you have to first analyze the loopholes, seal them and have a full proof preparation.

Pls analyze the following:

(1) Concept coverage through 650+ questions (10-15/topic) with enough "thinking time" alloted to the wrong questions-Was it full proof?Where were the errors in covering the question? Were all the concepts "effectively understood"? Were the short cuts well practiced?Were you exposed to a variety of questions everyday from the topics of prep? Did u find the need to go back to video/books for concepts despite covering it once?

(2) Time - Did you give yourself "focused"/"undistracted" effective 2-3 hrs daily to study? Were you disciplined to study everyday or did you procrastinate/could not study effectively due to situations? Did you time your practice?(10 min for 5questions strictly/30 min for 15 questions)

(3) Mocks - How many mock tests did you give? Was there minimum 5 days of gap b/w two tests? Did you analyze the errors made? Can you solve the same questions that you had an error post analysis?

(4) OG - Did you complete the OG ? Did you analyze your errors? Did you give enough thinking time to the mistakes made?

(5)Revision - Did you revise concepts with 650+ questions at least once a week(Minimum 5-6/topic)?

(6) Test - Did you guess in a row? Was time management an issue? Did you get nervous on encountering questions that you could not solve within two minutes?

Having pointed these, we understand that we all need some space and self analysis first to understand where we stand. Once you have understood that, we would also suggest to seek professional assistance to plug all open ends and figure out where you were going wrong. A neutral and unbiased analysis can give you a bird's eye view of the issues that can be taken care of.

Pls allow yourself a few days and then come to track. Analyze the errors, plan well and reboot with enhanced precision.
We are sure that if you plug all open ends ,your accuracy and timing would both improve and you can certainly crack the paper in the upcoming attempt.

 Wishing you the very best,