Concept: The question tests on the application of concepts of triangles in the format of a DS question


In the triangles ABC1and DC2E, let the height be "h" in each of the triangles. 
This height is "h" for both as the distance b/w C1 and AB = h = distance b/w C2 and DE.

The area  = 1/2 (AB)*h for triangle ABC1 and 1/2 DE*h for triangle DC2E

So, we are being asked if 1/2 (AB)*h  <  1/2 DE*h  ?
=> Is AB <DE  ? 

The radius of Circle 1 is less than the radius of Circle 2.
The height being same we have 1/2(C1A)*h and 1/2 (C2D)*h as areas of the triangles.
 C1A <C2D is given and thus answer to the question stem is yes.(Sufficient)

St(2):- AB<DE
           This is exactly asked as a question. Thus (Sufficient)  (option d)