Concept: The question tests the application skills on Quadratic Equations)


In the equation,3x2–18x+2=0 , a=2 , b=-18 , c= 2

Product of roots = c/a

= 2/3 in the equation

=> Product of the roots = −(α2/β) * (−β2/α)

= αβ

and thus we have αβ = 2/3 or product of the roots in the question is 2/3

We have to check the options and see where the value of product of roots or c/a = 2/3..C,D,E are eliminated.

Both the given roots are negative

=>Their sum would be negative

Format of a quadratic equation = x^2 - (sum of roots)x + product of roots

Thus as our sum is already negative, the middle term turns positive.

Thus A. (option A)