Concept: The question tests on the application of Coordinate Geometry and concepts of Geometry


A new og 2021 question

St(1):- There is no information about coordinates of M,P. (Insufficient)

St(2):- We can shift the point N to any point on the Y axis with M remaining constant at (-4,0).

This would provide us with no unique value of N. (Insufficient)

Combining both we have

P has coordinates (4,0) as the perpendicular in an equilateral triangle(as given in St(1) bisects the base.

Given M is (-4,0) in St(2) =>P is (4,0).

Thus MP =4+4 = 8 units of length.

=> MN =8 units (equilateral triangle)

=>MO=4 units and hence ON can be computed ( Using Pythagorean theorem)

=> 1/2*8*N0 = √3/4*(8)^2

Since N is on y intercept, X coordinate will be 0 and hence N =(0, 4√3) (Sufficient) option (c)