Concept: The question tests on the application of the knowledge of averages.


Let there be x students in Group A and y students in Group B.

Let sum of scores in Group A = a and that of Group B =b.

Hence the average of Group A = a/x and the average of Group B = b/x.

We are asked if average of Group A> average of Group B

or if a/x > b/x ?

St (1):- Of the students who took the test, 10 were in Group A and 12 were in Group B.

Given x=10,y=12 but we are not aware of the values of a and b. (Insufficient)

St(2):- On the test, the highest score achieved was achieved by a Group B student and the lowest score achieved was achieved by a Group A student.

No specific information regarding the value of a, b, x, y is provided. (Insufficient)

On combining both, we still do not have the specific values of a, b, x, y. (Insufficient)

Thus option (e)