We all want that score and we all want that dream B-school !!
We invest good time and give it our best shot and yet we don't make it!! Not only it is a cost in terms of money but the bigger cost we pay is of time and more than anything else, sometimes "confidence" for the next attempt.
Here in this post we shall warn you against the 5 major potholes to AVOID for reaching that score that you are aiming at. So, lets begin..

1.reading through a concept and believeing that you know it now
-You may know all the formulas but APPLYING it and more so applying it correctly all within a small permitted time is a work of all the dedication to solve the questions during your practice and prep.
We suggest that every time you understand a formula or a concept, the best way to internalize it is to SUPPLEMENT that knowledge with the questions from the topic in an ascending order of difficulty.
Not only will this practice lend you confidence but will save your time because this time, you don't carry the concepts in a book or notes but all in your mind !

2.Googling the answers within 5-10 min of not being able to solve it
-Its important to understand that when you go to a gym, you build up a good physique only when you go through the gruel of exercise and allow your muscles to work out. Its not very different to grow a healthy and strong solution seeking mind..Pretty much the same route of a mental build up!!If you stop at a question, we suggest you to mark it and "invest" time in thinking methods to approach the question and reach the solution..!May be use the options/May be use a plug in value/May be think on taking a new variable.. and believe it..the MORE YOU THINK,THE BETTER YOU WOULD GET AT THINKING.
You may solve a few questions less but compromising on thought quality is a big risk. Hence give your self the time needed to develop the mental Algorithm to reach solutions. The more you practice this way, the better you would understand concepts and problem solving and "reasoning" approaches.

3.Taking the mock tests but not analyzing your scores
-Taking a Mock Test is necessary to put yourself in a time bound simulated testing atmosphere. However, no matter how you perform,if you dont analyse it, then taking a mock test is only getting half the work done and the entire process still remains a half baked pie!!!
Analyse your mistakes and make sure that YOU DONT REPEAT THEM IN THE REAL TIME SCENARIO.
Work on the errors and understand the associated concepts that made you go off the tangent. Understand where you went wrong in the reasoning of DS and EVOLVE with your errors.

4.Taking back to back guesses
-Sometimes taking guesses is a need in a certain scenario but you may consider "guessing" spread out instead of multiple guesses in a row(specially towards the end when you are losing time) because this increases your probability of errors.Instead you may save those precious minutes by avoiding such a habit.

5.Avoiding revision
-This is NON-NEGOTIABLE! You may complete a lot but consistent weekend revisions(including questions from topics completed) not only gives you that extra edge of confidence but you stay organised, uncluttered and sorted at your mind. You shall feel a better sense of control on topics when you are aware that you have revised enough through questions. Have notes of important shortcuts,concepts,formulas and revise your week's work every week.You will feel the difference !

And the last that we dont intend to put under a separate heading is - "There is no do or die situation.Enjoy the process of learning and know that the best prep occurs when your system is positively aligned and no mock results or a score today can define your potential.

Now, given these 5 points we want you to have an amazing journey and we are with you in every step of it.
 Do reach out to us for any assistance or immediate query.