Hi @Dina89

We appreciate the necessary inputs that you have provided us. We are creating a customised response to your needs here.

(1)According to the inputs provided, you seem to be confident about the concepts and hence the base of the prep is well covered. We strongly suggest that you jot down the different areas of Quants and do so in a descending order of your strength in the topics. Pls make sure that you DO NOT miss any questions from any difficulty level from those areas. (There certainly can be some extremely challenging ones, but you must try to keep the error count extremely low in these STRONG areas)

(2)In the areas, that you are not very comfortable with, reboot, start revisiting the concepts and build them up with questions above 650+ from those areas specifically. Build on this regularly. Start increasing on the difficulty levels as you feel more comfortable.

(3)We suggest you to increase the 700+ questions in your practice to at least a 25-30%.This will help you think with different    solving approaches and questions above 600/650 will seem to no longer bother you. For example if you are solving 12 Quant questions, please incorporate 3/4 700+ in the practice.

(4)We also suggest that the process of Revision can be divided in two parts.

(i) Read the notes/flash cards for the weekreview mistakes, read explanations.

(ii)Incorporate 650-700+ questions from those areas which you have practiced over a span of 6 days to wrap up on them.

(5)Pls take quizzes and mocks. 

(6)Create a study plan for the attempt and stick to it! Do not be distracted and do not procrastinate.

(7)If you find difficulty in any topic, take assistance/guidance and have your doubts cleared earliest.

That said, we know that if you are dedicated enough, you shall make it and we shall be happiest congratulating you!

You may always connect back with us for any assistance/help.

All the very best!

Devmitra Sen (GMAT Quant Expert)