Hi Dina89

We understand what it feels like when the efforts are invested but the score doesn't reflect the desired improvement.
Instead of giving you straight advice or standard guidelines, we would want the following inputs on your end to suggest a tailor-made approach for you:

(1) How good are you with all the Quants concepts? Have you prepared the concepts with questions corresponding to them? Do you still need to go back to concept videos/notes while stuck at any question?

(2)How much "effective" time of studies do you invest in Quants over weekdays and weekends?

(3)How many questions on average you solve daily in Quants? How many of them are 700+?

(4)Do you invest a good time of thinking on the questions that you could not do or do you google them after 5-10min of trying?

(5)Have you jotted down your strong areas in Quants and do you invest relatively more time on them?

(6)Do you use a timer-based practice?

(7)How often do you revise? Do you incorporate questions specifically 700+ when you revise?

(8)Have you done an error analysis of your mocks and OG?

We look ahead to your inputs based on which we shall suggest you the pointers that may assist you for your attempt!