While we love your confidence and zeal, we must also provide an input that not all tests go well every time and we have to focus on doing better in the next shot.

Several test taking adverse factors are into action while you are taking the test including the type of test, your anxiety level, your ability to stay calm under the pressure of a ticking timer "on that day" and your guess works(which if wrong in a row will severely penalize you with your scores).

It is not impossible to control these factors while simultaneously you have to keep solving questions and make sure that you are getting them right under a timer while practicing daily.

Take daily quizzes, improve on your concepts and revise once a week with 700+ questions from the topics you have practiced in the week.

Analyze your errors in the revision, daily quizzes and OG.(This is non negotiable)

Also there is a no do or die situation. Pls prepare with a positive yet competitive mindset. Enjoy the journey.

We know you will make it and have the college of your vision!

Keep going while you analyze the errors and work on them during the prep process.

Please feel free to connect with us for any guidance/assistance!