At the outset, we congratulate you on your first score of 630 which is a very good score to start with.
This shows that you have grasped a basic understanding of the test.
We would be more than happy to assist you in your Quant Prep.
For the initial start, try to incorporate the following pointers that may help you to better your score and reach to your goal of Q45.

(i)Complete covering your basic/fundamental concepts earliest and have flashcards ready for the concepts. "Understand"[/ the concepts by learning the concepts through questions and be aware that logic prioritizes over formula.
For example if you understand that LCM*HCF =Product of numbers for a and b, you need to be alert and aware that in situations like this, where HCF=12;LCM=48;One number =8.
Find the other number?
(a)72 (b)36 (c)Cannot be determined
The answer is NOT 72 because 8 & 72 cannot have 48 as LCM.
[b]Exposure to questions that help you remain aware and not make the obvious GMAT trap mistakes will go a long way.
As another example, when you plug in values to check in a DS question, be careful about using zero, negative integers and/or fractions.

(ii)Once the concept phase is completed, begin with Medium and then Advanced Questions and a daily consistency in solving questions would be of high help. Break the habit of watching solutions when you fail to arrive at an answer. Instead mark it as a "*" and think through the ways to answer it. "Thinking" is the "training" and quality of preparation will matter any day over how many questions you solve in a day.

(iii)Work on both ends-Maintaining accuracy in answering the questions while keeping the time pressure of 2-2.5 min/question.

(iv)Complete the OG, but more importantly analyze your mistakes so that you avoid repeating them in future.

(v)Give enough mocks and analyze your errors and issues. Connect with a mentor if you feel the need. Get guidance to understand your weak areas so that you can fix the sooner and get through in one attempt.

(vi)GMAT is more of a psychometric and analytic test. It not only tests your knowledge but your "awareness" to avoid traps and not fall for them.So prep with an open and aware mind.

(vii)Revise.. Revise and revise. This part is non-negotiable! Make notes wherever necessary and also use your flashcards to revise. We suggest a weekend revision of a week's work.To summarize the process : Schedule + Basic + Practice Medium/Advanced Questions + OG(simultaneously) + Mock Tests + Revision

We hope you have gained some perspective on fine-tuning the prep!
Feel free to reach out to us.
 We wish you all the very best and hope to see you in your envisioned B-School soon