Given your current score and the timeline at hand (in case you stick to it),seem slightly off the mark on a practical level, it surely is not impossible if you put in the following ingredients with the same dedication that you have been working with. A level of 700 from 600 is more than basic knowledge and needs very good hold of application abilities.
We hope that the following pointers may help you. However, if you plan to schedule the test later, you will have a relaxed and comfortable prep with a positive and healthy mindset.


(i) Make sure that not only you understand the concepts but also INTERNALISE them with relevant practice questions associated with every concept.

(ii)Practice ADVANCED questions with a time pressure so that your accuracy is improved with no cost cutting on time. So, ACCURACY & TIME EFFICIENCY goes hand in hand and none is compromised for the other.

(iii)Analyze your errors in Mocks(since you have already given them).Practice with a few more Mocks and make sure you maintain a score upgrade in them.Fine tune the process and plug your loopholes.

(iv)Analyze your errors in OG and make sure you don't repeat them if a question on those lines appear. Make your STRONG areas STRONGER!

(v)Practice daily from GMAT Club/Application Videos. Think on questions when you cant solve them. Figure out a way. That is how you would train your abilities to be better everyday. Its always quality over quantity Gayatri!

(vi)Revise on everything you do in a week extensively. This step should not be negotiated.

(vii)Take breaks between studies to accommodate your learnings.

(viii)Finally, maintain a positive mindset during the prep. Enjoy the process of learning and be confident on the day of your paper.

 That said, we wish you all the very best for your paper.