At the outset, we are delighted to know that you have decided for taking the exam head on!To answer your question,YES!!-It is very possible to improve your score given the fact that you have taken the test once and you are familiar with the set up.However,we feel a few pointers from our end may be helpful for you!Please find them here.


(i)We suggest you start brushing up your basic concepts at the earliest. We also suggest you incorporate practicing multiple questions of the chapter or topic that you're practicing to improve on the basics. Please remember brushing up your fundamentals and having a strong foundation and hold of them is essential for a strong GMAT Prep.
Give yourself time to think and arrive at the solution yourself instead of watching the solution. The more you exercise your ability to think, the sharper you would get overtime. It's always quality over quantity.

(ii)Practice by understanding a concept and immediately converting the understanding by doing a question without looking at the solution or answer video. This this way there will be a balance of learning and you will not find yourself being burnt out at towards the end of the hour by doing only concepts at the end or only questions at the end.

(iii). Taking mock test in preparing through them is non-negotiable in the GMAT prep. So, we firmly suggest you to start taking the mock tests as soon as possible. They will boost your confidence or give you a real time feel of what you need to improve on before you sit in the real test. Anlayze the tests and make sure the errors would not be repeated to the best of your abilities,if such a question does appear in the real paper.

(iv)Jot down all the topics of every subject. Arrange these topics in the order of your comfortability in solving the questions from them. Focus on your STRONG areas and make sure they are well practiced to fetch you good score. Simultaneously, build up on areas that you are not very comfortable with yet and try not to skip any area. Make it a fullp-proof preparation.

(v)Practice questions from the Official Guide(OG) and most importantly analyze your errors. There is nothing better than knowing where you are going wrong and which areas need the mending. We also suggest you to practice from GMAT Club daily to feel the sense of real time answering and being in the process while also encountering relevant questions at the same time.

(vi)Have a schedule ready and stick to it. Make sure a routine is se and preparation turns an intrinsic process. You can refer to our Youtube video on it.

(vii)Keep revision intact in your schedule especially for the weekends, analyse and review your mock tests and the scores.

(viii)Finally, do not burn yourself out. Maintain a positive attitude as you prepare. Take help from us on any question/concept/query and we are more than glad to assist you in this amazing journey.


(a)Start brushing up your basic concepts at the earliest

(b)Understand the concept and build up on the understanding by practicing question(s) from it.

(c) Taking mock test in preparing through them is non negotiable

(d)Use GMAT Club questions daily to enhance practice

(e) Think and arrive at the solution “yourself “

(f)Analyse the errors from OG and make sure you would NOT repeat them when you
encounter such “type” of questions again

(g) Have a schedule ready and if necessary, you may share the same with us so we can fine-tune it, if need be.

(h)Revision once in 5-7 days cannot be skipped to full-proof your Prep.

(i) A healthy, positive attitude while you prepare.

Further summarizing this :

Clarity on Basics + Questions from the concepts +OG Analysis + GMAT club daily questions + Mock Tests + Revision

will give a complete preparation and make you exam ready.

We hope you have understood the raw necessities for a full proof GMAT prep with this. However, there always lies a scope of improvement.Feel free to reach out to us.
We cannot wait to see you taking admission in your dream B-School!!